Sourcing & Sustainability

The Vision

LANEY & LU has bold goals for sourcing and sustainability and support from inside the community, embracing a neighborhood-centric model of doing business.

When guests eat at our restaurants, they participate in this important movement, which aims to grow better food, preserve the Earth, and inspire people to embrace their greatness.


— Rachel Forrest, Award-Winning Food Journalist


We believe we have a responsibility to make a meaningful contribution to community beyond simply serving vibrant food.

Smart Packaging

We have a ZERO WASTE COMMITMENT to protecting our amazing planet and her resources by doing our part to minimize our footprint. All of our packaging is 100% compostable. AND, if that wasn’t good enough – you can bring all of your packaging back to LANEY & LU and we will compost it for you!


All of our food waste and compostable packaging is composted with Mr. Fox Composting service. It is converted into nutrient dense compost soil. We then get to use the composted soil in our container gardens to grow produce for our menu items, making it a full circle process.


Our cleaning and sanitizing agents are Green Seal Certified. All of our chemicals meet stringent criteria for human and environmental health. All of our paper supplies including toilet tissue and paper towels are made from 100% recycled materials.


Thoughtful design and material selection in our cafe includes zero-VOC paint, natural wood finishes, reclaimed wood community bench and shelving, concrete and recycled surfaces, and environmentally-friendly flooring.

Local Sourcing

Our menus feature locally sourced ingredients, harvested and sold at peak freshness. ALTITUDE works with over two dozen local farmers and merchants, most of whom practice organic farming methods. By embracing ecological practices, these farmers replenish the soil and the plants’ own biological systems.

LU Garden

We cultivate container gardens on our restaurant patios using organic compost and non-GMO seeds. The garden further fuels our “eat local” beliefs, generating opportunity for real-time education with guests and team members alike.


We believe in 100% transparency

At LANEY & LU, we believe in 100% transparency because you deserve to know exactly what you are eating. We work with over a dozen local farms and merchants, many of whom are organic. By using cover crops and other ecological farming practices, these farmers build up soil and the plants’ own biological systems. When you eat at LANEY & LU, you participate in this important movement, which aims to grow better food and preserve the Earth.